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Originally Posted by hitman1116 View Post
If we just forgot about who the player is and just focus on the print run, while the value for the first one is the base price, the rest would have to go up just based on the scarcity of the card and knowing that another one is gone.

Just saying, if someone else wanted that card or the 5th one, and they did an eBay search and found the other 3 had sold wouldn't the desperation for the last one make the price rise?

I understand the same card has sold for around the same price now, but the value would continue to go up as less of them exist no matter who the player is
Wow! After reading 8 pages of the bellyaching, someone finally uses some sensible open market logic.

Essentially you have made the last card of this run a 1/1 as you have the other four in your collection. As there are probably other Gresham collectors out there, the value of that last card is not linear to the other cards you have acquired.

If the seller had known that 3/5 cards were already in a singular private collection, I guarantee he would have not sold it for $20 as the scarcity made it more valuable, although still relative to the low demand of the player.
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