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Oh football guys are such uncivilized savages! (obviously a play on when you guys come in and bash the basketball forum.)

Anyways, I only skimmed through the thread. Although the OP is upset someone won't sell them a card, I think the point he's trying to make is fair. I've come across a lot of sellers who try to get what their "into it". Not necessarily fair market value or book value, just trying to make up for the fact they made a bad deal or think they should get 100% ROI on their boxes. The thing with that is that's a THEM problem, not a ME problem. They're trying to dictate the market, rather than listening to the market. 99% of the time they don't end up selling the product at all because their demands are too ridiculous. Everyone loses.

I've spent enough time in LCS to see people pull "big" hits and immediately think they have a $500+ card when in reality it's a $100ish card. Example of this: kid pulls a Sandy Koufax that sells for $300-350 consistently, puts it on eBay, keeps pulling the auction early because its not reaching his desired $650 he wants for the card. Why? Because he owes the LCS $2000+.

It can be frustrating when it's a card for a PC that's not necessarily got a short print run. You can't force someone to sell you anything of theirs at a price you want, but obviously it can be irritating when you know the market better than anyone. Through my eBay searches I always see people listing $3 cards for $30 and $15 cards for $129.99 with no "make an offer" option. They'll never sell the item and they're either delusional, greedy or joking. I used to get really irritated, but I've learned the ability to be patient. Everything will eventually fall into place.
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