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Well, Im not complaining....but Kevin Durants in person auto has gotten worse and worse each year.Ive probably gotten anywhere between 30-40 items signed in person by KD over the past 4 years. It is pretty much hit or miss these days. Sometimes it's nice, and looks a lot like what you would see on a certified Panini piece, but other times, it's way out there. Only reason it bothers me, is if I get something nice signed like game worn shoes, or something rare....and then he signs it weird, Im kinda SOL. I could post a ton of examples..but here's one that would explain it very well. So yes...this would be one of the most disappointing autographs!

2010 World Championship jersey- (It's pretty bad, but I went ahead and framed it up anyways, just because I know it's legit, since he signed it right in front of me)

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