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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
I'm using the holders from hardball34 (details here: Marvel Permier Hinged Sketch Card Holder ) and they are very nice. Since I let the Premier collectors know about these, one worked with him to get one sized a little tighter for the single and double hinged cards, and they look even better now (I sent him one of my triple-hinged cards on loan so he could get it sized perfectly for those as well). They aren't as cheap as the Ultra-Pros, but I think they are a lot nicer. It's more like a frame for the card than just a "holder".
Right, yeah those are the ones I was referring to. If you vouche for em, i'll probably pick up a few for the hinged in my PC.

Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
LOL--yeah, you know my feelings about that one already

I'm not saying I would never move it, but the 4 Melo cards are among my favorite Premier cards I have so they'll be staying put for now.
I picked it up because I figured should you ever want to let that gambit go, I better have something decent to trade. I respect your stance though. I wouldn't want to let it go either. Amazing sketch. I still can't believe someone sold her psylocke for $100.. really I think it could have sold for $250 at the very least.

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