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Originally Posted by ricksam View Post
correct me if im wrong - but didnt artists do all the base characters?
or are there some artists for this set who did only a few base set characters?

and each base character done only 1 time .. making the melo (and any artist gambit) a 1/1?
I think it was supposed to work that way, but several artists have a lot fewer base sketches. I've only seen a couple Jon Racimo base sketches. Someone heard from Eric Ninaltowski that he only had 16-20 that made it in.

It is true that each artist did not do more than one base sketch for a character (APs excluded).

Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
Right, yeah those are the ones I was referring to. If you vouche for em, i'll probably pick up a few for the hinged in my PC.
If you decide to get them, be sure to shoot him a message to let him know what you are wanting these for and the size. He'll be able to hook you up with the right holders.

He's a member here too, if you want to PM him about it.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.

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