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Originally Posted by bjho852 View Post
Kevin Garnett's autograph seems to have "regressed" over the years...

(a) Illegible, but at least look nice enough;1]_thumb.jpg
Kevin Garnett (1998-99 Skybox Autographics autograph auto) photo by nbacardDOTnet | Photobucket

(b) Then start getting "simplified"

As for Kobe, his full autograph is actually also the first version of his certified autograph (see the cards that he signed for companies before entering NBA). Once he entered NBA, he signed his first name only for a long time before switching back to the full-name one again.
I heard that currently when Kobe signs autographs for fans in person, he even just signs "KB".
Not sure if it's real, but maybe it's like this

New Kobe Bryant KB24 RARE Signed La Lakers Team USA NBA 8x10 Auto Photo COA | eBay
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