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I love sports cards but with the products they make these days opening boxes is a good 90 percent chance you are going to lose more then 50 percent of your money. I have turned to just buying singles in sportscards because its alot easier to make money that way and alot less risker to loose money. So I decided to start buying this stuff to feed the nich of opening products and I am glad I did. I don't collect the stuff at all but I do rip a case or two a year and every time I make money. People collect alot of these girls. Its a fun product to rip, Hot Chicks, Nice looking Cards, On card autographs, nice looking swatches, and interesting concepts.

Overall I find that ripping the Benchwarmer products and other non sport products is alot more fun then sports cards. I only collect sports cards and love ripping open boxes but I stopped opening sports for the most part in the past 2 years or so because I find the non sport stuff alot more fun and profitable.

Not sure if this helps you at all but just trying to give you a few viewpoints here. Have a great day.

I dont ship outside the USA
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