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There apparently is a market for certain benchwarmer models, otherwise why do some autographs of some former playboy model (aka Sara Underwood) sell more than some really great basketball/baseball/football players. Why? I can't explain it, but as long as there is a market for benchwarmers, I'm going to continue breaking Benchwarmers and selling on ebay. Sports cards and nonsports cards are all about fame and popularity. Unless it's a set you're building, who cares about some no-name auto in like a James Bond or Heroes box break? Another example: Tim Tebow doesn't even play and can't play, yet his autos still go for good money.....fame and popularity drive the market.....

I know one guy on this forum collects a certain girl because he knows her personally. I PC one of the girls because I like the charity work she's doing for our community, and plus, she's hot. Most girls are just playboy models and there's nothing special about them except that they're hot.

This is all just my opinion. Hope this helps.
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