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Originally Posted by CollectorMan View Post
Agreed Nera. Sports is totally out of control with it's quality. Non Sports is way more fun. Does BM really qualify as Non Sports though. Wouldn't it be closer to a adults only product like the Playboy Magazine/card collectors.

Thanks for all the input everyone. Ive been curious about this for a while.
Definately closer to playboy than your typical non-sports (tv shows, movies, etc) but no nudity (although they come really, really close) so it doesn't need the adults only tag...

by definition though, Non-sports would encompass anything that is not sports related, so by a technicality, it would fit I suppose...

and I also agree, nonsports is more fun, thats why I liked the Americana series...although my favorites have been the "fans of the game" subsets as well as smallville
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