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Default Fantasy football playoffs starting and need help

Moved to the Fantasy section - MoD

dont know who to starrt this week in 1st round of playoffs:

CJ vs stl
Ray Rice vs det
Deangelo Williams vs patriots
Lawrence Maroney vs panthers- bench right now
Ocho Cinco vs vikings
Reggie Wayne vs broncos
Roddy White vs saints bench right now
Nate Burrleson vs texans bench right now
Robert Meacham vs falcolns bench right now
Matt Schaub or Flacco
Titans vs stl
Packers vs bears bench right now

i was thinking
ray, deangelo, cj at RB/FLex
reggie and roddy white WR
titans DEF
dallas clark TE
feely K
Schaub QB

this sound good to you guys?
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