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Originally Posted by Braves_Fan View Post
Looking to start collecting coins on the side and have decided to start with the old Morgan Silver Dollars and 1 troy Oz American Eagle coins.
PM what you have and how much you are looking to get. Wanting to stay around spot if possible but if the Morgans are really nice like UNC I will pay more. I don't want any Proofs right now. Please make sure the coins are not Clad or Fakes. The Morgans should weigh 26.73 Grams if you have a scale handy. There are a few sites where you can check daily spot pricing and what each coins silver content value is for the day.
This is a sportscard forum I doubt people have a scale to prove the weight of a coin... I have some smaller stuff lmk nothing high dollar just some 90% silver halves and seated stuff.
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