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Originally Posted by duwal View Post
soft core? really?? and to your point probably about 8 or 9 out of 10 people that you ask on the street would say 'what is the appeal of collecting any trading cards?' Simple answer is it is enjoyable. It is absolutely rude to say that 'they don't act and if they do it is in a skin flick.' They are wrestlers, actresses, models, TV hosts, other non-slut occupations. People build a connection with them since they see them on TV or have met them in person just like everyone does for the player or teams they collect in sports.

Well it is my opinion, and the reason I started the thread was to find out what the deal is. To say they are actresses though, that's a stretch. Not one has a role of any note, and I'd dare to say that any role is given based on looks and not talent. Is someone really going to argue that Kendra Wilkinson is a talented actress because she appeared in Scary Movie? Puhlease.

I'd love to hear if any women collect these. That would surprise me.

I'm glad it's enjoyable for people who can connect. I just don't see a appeal
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