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Such a *cluttered* thread, however you're really giving your opinion. Must not be completely worthless after all! If this is cluttered, you'd allow this thread to just die, however twice you bumped it up. Such clutter, but you're entertaining this thread like it's not. You went out of YOUR way, to post in this thread twice.

That's all!

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Yes clutter.

Haiku pulled a scam. The point of his threads was to make sure people didnt trade with that scammer.

The point to your thread is to tell people who they should deal with. Why? What if the people you suggest to deal with dont have anything I want to buy or trade? What then? Should I not trade with anyone on your list?

Or would it be smarter to work the opposite way? to make a judgement call and trade with those who have what you need? And to take into account itrader and member experience along with any information found in the feedback section that could lead you to believe the trade may be questionable due to prior transactions?

By starting a thread like this, all you have done is vouch for the members you stated. Do you vouch for them? Do you support them enough that if they did scam someone, you would be willing to back them financially and pay anyone back if they were to scam? Because thats exactly how I take your thread here.

You went out of your way to let everyone know that we "must" trade with these people because they are good. Therefore you vouch for them and if they dont follow through that we can come knock your character if they dont turn out great? Agree?
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