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Tyree's catch wouldn't have happened if they had not been caught cheating. The Patriots would have been well ahead of them that game like they were ahead of the other teams they cheated to win. The whole taping thing to you may be a non issue but that's because you choose to ignore it. I don't. If the taping wasn't important to the Patriots success why when they were warned not to continue to do it, would the Patriots go and tape the JETS practices when Eric Mangini was the head coach who already knew all about the cheating and ratted them out? If cheating wasn't important to the Patriots why did they continue to cheat when they were warned? The fact is the taping helped the Patriots and was vital to there success. After they were caught cheating they lost the Superbowl and were one and done in the playoffs for the next 3 years and only won last year because they drew the Tim Tebow led Broncos and the Ravens threw the game away. Then they were beaten in the Superbowl again for the 2nd time in a row. That won't happen this year. Good luck New England, can't wait to see the crying start lol
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