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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
They were helped by the stupid tuck but the dynasty really started when they began cheating to win those titles when they filmed the Rams SB walkthrough. There is no conspiracy about the NFL wanting a patriotic team winning the game because of 911.

The fact is the cheating Patriots haven't won a Superbowl since being caught red handed and that's no coincidence. If you didn't know I am this forums world's heavy weight champion Biggest Patriots Hater because I know how to hate on that junk team and a 911 theory is just silly.

Forget the Patriots this week. The Ravens no longer have to worry about Gronk and they no longer have Lee Evans to drop the winning TD or the FG kicker to miss the game winning FG this time around. The Ravens have magic this time with the rally to win for Ray Lewis and the results will be much different this time. Revenge will be served and many Patriot fans will be crying when its over.

The Ravens are Superbowl bound.
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