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I agree with everything you said. I just don't like that stigma. I was shocked to see how much the Cuoco went for. To keep going on what you were saying the so called "hot" factor, Cate Blanchett is probably the most decorated actress with a available auto from a non sport product (LOTR) yet her auto goes for substantially less then someone like Megan Fox. Despite Fox having nowhere near the talent of Blanchett. IMO Cate is hot and amazing in just about everything. I guess to some, not so much. Guess the bottom line is, sex sells.

I appreciate the info from everyone. I always enjoy good debate.

Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
No, noone will argue that Kendra Wilkinson is a talented actress because she appeared in Scary Movie. But we would argue that she is a reality tv star and former playboy playmate, and based on her popularity from those, people will collect her autograph.

You collect movie/tv autos... which ones sell for the most? HOT WOMEN? Noone will argue that Megan Fox is a talented actress would they? But her autograph sells for big bucks. And while Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Garner are better actresses than Megan Fox, their autographs sell for big bucks because they are hot women, not because they are good actresses. That's not to say that great actors and actresses aren't popular and sell for good money. On Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons has won awards and his autograph from Cryptozoic's product sells for big bucks. And yet Kaley Cuoco outsells him, wonder why that is?
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