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IMO these are basically soft core. It's irritating to search Non sports on Ebay or here, and have to go through a sea of them unsold. I'd love to here a Benchwamers collector/expert to explain these cards to me.
Originally Posted by CollectorMan View Post
I just tend to do a trading card search and it's almost all benchwarmers on eBay. I end up just going more specific, when there's a bunch. Though you miss out on really good deals for a few non sports because of the thousand of these.
That's a search problem on your end, not a Benchwarmer problem.

As for the rest of it, you're being intentionally obtuse. If you can't understand why someone would pay for a Benchwarmer auto (some semi-famous woman), you can't understand why someone would pay for an AFLAC auto (some semi-famous high school kid). I doubt that's the case.

If you don't like it, that's another thing. That's fine. Just come out and say it.
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