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Default Since the market is brutal...

Originally Posted by otmack2o View Post
Vinny, nice looking set there I like the looks of some of the cards as well, but the secondary market on them right now is brutal.
I've dumped a bunch of Razor stuff but I like these /20 letter autos. I'm one letter away from another complete Lawrie. I think any complete name could be good if the prospect blossoms. I figure there can't be more than 10 complete names made of any of the decent prospects. I would imagine they are spread out beyond what we see here and on websites, making it tough to guarantee too many complete names.

We shall see,
I may not be the oldest member here but I paid $8. an auto and shook Joe DiMaggio's hand at the Armenian Church in NYC once. I do not use "gift". If you need an extra buck, add it in.
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