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Originally Posted by gregnice37 View Post
$15 seems a little cheap per card actually. I'm not the seller on ebay either. I do have the same set complete and won each card individually on ebay. Most ended between 25-30 at the time I was completing it.

I think i'm over 400 different Ty's at the moment and putting those 6 letters together was pretty tough. I wish at the time I could've bought a complete set.
That is an insane collection 400 ty lawson's? WOW! im going to be very blunt about this i own a few of the letters and didnt pay more than $15 per card so i did not think $15 per card the whole set being $100 was a cheap offer! the guy kept insisting on the $160 which he is never going to get! which is roughly $27 per card that is stupid money in my opinion! i happen to be a huge ty lawson guy and he is my main pc but most of his auto's dont go beyond 10-15$ at the very most excluding his preffered silhouette auto, Nt Rpa, and a couple other really high end ones!
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