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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
Are you one of those conspiracy theory guys that think the moon landing was a Hollywood production?
No sir not me. The moon landing was real. Those conspiracies make me laugh. No wind on the moon? People need to start going back to science class, don't make me laugh.

My post didn't have any conspiracy to it. My post is factual. It is a fact that the league learned about the Patriots spying on teams practices and sent out letters to every team informing them all not to film anything and it is a fact that Eric Mangini was a coach for the Patriots before he was the JETS head coach and had prior knowledge of the cheating the Patriots were doing. It was Eric Mangini's knowledge of how the Patriots were cheating that led him to know what to look for with the Patriots and catch them cheating that led him to rat out the Patriots to the league, and why the league fines Bill Belicheck 500,000 and took away their #1 draft pick for breaking the rules of the league and cheating.

What amazes me so much about this frankly is the lackadaisical and apathy some of you have towards this issue. I don't have low standards and I'm not an idiot. If you people out there actually think that the Patriots filming wasn't helping them then why after the NFL told them to stop doing it did they continue to do it if it didn't help them at all?

We aren't talking about up front filming either. The Patriots told the camera crews to not wear anything Patriots related while filming and told the camera crews to deny being associated with the Patriots if they were caught. That's the stuff of Watergate yet some of you simply don't care or actually live by the saying "If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough." which is morally wrong to me. Either way don't challenge me on this issue. Cheating to me is wrong. It's never right. The Patriots clearly cheated and were caught and if that bothering me means to you that I should wear a tin foil hat then you should examine your own feelings on cheating.

BTW next time thought try to actually have something to say to me that's halfway intelligent. I've seen you rant and whine on here so much and so often you make me feel slighted that all I deserved from you was a one sentence reply Go Ravens
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