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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Prove it. If every team was doing this then why were the Patriots the only team that got punished for it? If all of the other teams were doing this and then stopped when the league sent the letter to every team telling them to stop and every team stopped except for the Patriots you might actually think that Bill Belicheck is just a stupid moron which if you do would be wrong as well.
Dick Vermeil
ďI donít know if everyone was doing it, but everyone mightíve had a method of trying to do it,Ē Vermeil told 98.5 FM. ďMaybe he did it better than everyone else. OK? And Iíll tell you this: In all honesty, Iíve coached as a head coach 15 years and an assistant four years, I know some things that have been done in the National Football League and I could document them, if I wanted to, that are far worse than that ever came close to being.ď

Jimmie Johnson
Q: How about the spying thing Jimmy. Youíre a coach does that bother you what Belichick did?

JJ: Oh please. Iíve said it on our show. Eighteen years ago a scout for the Chiefs told me what they did, and he said what you need to do is just take your camera and you go and zoom in on the signal caller and that way you can sync it up. The problem is that if theyíre not on the press box side you canít do it from the press box, you have to do it from the sideline. This was 18 years ago.

Q: You think the NFL came down too hard on them?

JJ: No, no, I said it on the show. He was wrong for doing it for the simple reason that the league knew this was going on not just in New England but around the league. And the league sent out the memorandum to all of the teams saying you cannot do this. And so thatís when Bill Belichick was wrong. After he got the memorandum saying donít do it any more, he did it.

Q: Did you ever steal signals?

JJ: Oh in a heartbeat, yeah. Yes I did.

Q: Via video, Jimmy? Or no?

JJ: Oh yeah, I did it with video and so did a lot of other teams in the league. Just to make sure that you could study it and take your time, because youíre going to play the other team the second time around. But a lot of coaches did it, this was commonplace.
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