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Just a heads up for other COMC sellers...

I was under the impression that when you submitted cards to be processed, that COMC would separate those cards into as few batches as possible (1-500 cards = 1 batch, 501-1000 cards = 2 batches, 1001-1500 cards = 3 batches, etc). Well apparently if you ship the cards in more boxes than number of batches you should have, they will split the order up into enough batches to match the # of boxes you used to ship them.

So if you didn't make any sense out of what I just typed, an example would be if you ship 1000 cards in a flat rate box, and use 3 storage boxes to submit those cards, they will break your submission up into 3 batches instead of 2. If you submit 1500 cards in 5 separate boxes, they will break your submission into 5 batches instead of 3. Each extra batch will cost you an additional $3 in processing.

Now, if you simply include a note saying to process your 1000 card order as 2 batches, they will honor your request... but it is not done automatically like you might think it would be. I was a little surprised to find this out today. Its not too big of a deal as I'll just include instructions with every submission I send from now on. But just a heads up to other sellers NOT to expect them to separate your submission into the least # of batches possible unless you specifically instruct them to do that. If not, it could end up costing you extra $.
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