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Thumbs up SK B Case break

Overall, SK is probably one of my favorite sets. After buying many boxes throughout the years, I decided to buy a case for the SB promo. I may have to stop at some point due to the kids getting home from school.

Box 1:
Base Cards
SK B Case break-01-14-2013-03-57-34pm.jpg
You have to appreciate the quality of these cards.

SK B Case break-01-14-2013-03-57-34pm2.jpg
Barry Sanders Silver Auto
Tony Perez Silver Auto
Tony Perez GOLD 4/10 3 color jersey

Box 2:
SK B Case break-01-14-2013-04-07-06pm2.jpg

SK B Case break-01-14-2013-04-07-06pm3.jpg
Michael Irvin Silver Auto
Summer Sanders Silver Mem/Auto
Bode Miller Gold Mem 10/10

Box 3
SK B Case break-01-14-2013-04-13-02pm.jpg

SK B Case break-01-14-2013-04-13-55pm.jpg
Bode Miller Silver Auto
Passing the Torch Silver Mem
Pete Rose Mem 5/9

I took a beating. I will be keeping the Barry Sanders auto. The rest is FS/FT.
Pending Deals:

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