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This is what I have - been keeping track on my own:

Kevis Maas 2/5
David West Auto 11/50
Jimmy Key 4/5
Bob Walk 3/5
Jeff Parrett 4/5
Stan Javier 2/5
Mickey Tettleton 3/5
Ricky Jordan 1/5
Sid Fernandez 3/5
Eric Yelding 5/5
Paul Gibson 5/5
Murray, Wallach, Hurst, Milacki, Oliveras /20
Seitzer, Geren, Tettleton, Surhoff, Villanueva /20
Hrbek, Sabo, Fernandez, Gladden, Davis /20
Dunston, Gubicza, Walk, McReynolds, Lancaster /20
Rose, Molitor, Bunning /99
Perry, Fried /99
Ford, Beras, Carew /99
Palmer, Mazara, Kaline /99
Seager, Hensley /99
Martinez, Soler, Schoendienst /99
Cecchini, Mazeroski, B. Robinson /99
Gillick, Aparicio, Brock /99
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