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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
Yikes. We really shouldn't have to jump through that many hoops for them to get things right. Regardless of how sellers ship their cards, they should be charging what is stated on the website (IE the processing cost per card depending on service level + $3 per 500 cards). Whether the seller wants to use (5) 200 ct boxes to send 1000 cards or (2) 500 ct boxes or any other combination, its still 1000 cards and should be charged accordingly. After problems with them receiving cards on my last 2 submissions, I guess its a little comforting to know I'm not the only one having issues with them... on the other hand, its not a good sign either.

Honestly, its not THAT big of a deal to me as long as they ultimately get things right... but when simple math on their end becomes an issue when they are receiving cards, its more than a little annoying.
I have always included the form filled out from their site and have not had any problems yet. Any boxes in the Flat Rate box has the card count clearly noted on it.
I did find that you cannot mix the monthly specials with the regular service's, you will have a separate batch for the specials.

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