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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
I didn't really think that sending exactly 1000 cards left much room for mistakes... but I guess I was wrong. If shipping 500 cards at a time were cost effective for me, I would do that. But it actually costs me the same amount to ship 1000 cards as it does to ship 500 cards. So doubling my shipping costs doesn't make much sense. I guess even if 1000 divided by 500 = 3 at COMC, its only costing me $3 more than it should, where as I'd spend $10 more than I should if I sent 500 cards at a time.
Since I send in a lot of encased cards, I can't get many more than 500 in a flat rate box at a time. I definitely can't get 1000 cards in one box, so it's actually most cost efficient for me to send in only 500 each time.

I'm surprised if everything is clearly marked that COMC would process them differently. Hopefully if that's the case, they get that fixed soon.
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