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Originally Posted by ddearing View Post
Look guys - its real easy to fix if it happens. I'm not exagerating - I have 13,000 cards in processing waiting to be posted. If you see that they could have minimized the batch number, send them an email and they credit your account back with the extra $3. They did it for me in less than a day. Also, sometimes they will not charge you all of the individual batch charges. I have one pending "batch" that has 2000 cards in it. Generally, they make the seperate batches to make them easier to process on their end. Don't sweat the small stuff.
The bottom line is, it shouldn't be that difficult to divide 1000 by 500. The answer should be 2 every time. Its not always 2 at the COMC offices for whatever reason. Sellers should not have to double check their simple math to make sure they are getting it right.

The post was made to help other sellers who don't put exactly 500 cards in each box they are sending in for submission. And you're right, they are quick to attend to any e-mail you send telling them of an issue like this. The problem is not the customer service response time... the problem is with the follow through. When I alerted them of their mistake yesterday, they said they would credit my account for $3. Cool. But it still hasn't happened yet... which wouldn't concern me as much if it were not for the fact that I submitted a 450 card lot about a month ago, and they have it posted in my pending submissions as a 493 card lot. I let them know of that mistake immediately about a month ago and they said they'd take care of it. They still haven't. I've reminded them twice. Still nothing changed. So saying you are going to correct an error is not the same as actually correcting the error, regardless of how minor the error might be.
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