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Originally Posted by DigsUT View Post
Did yall happen to see that the new MLP 4 and 5 MT variant covers are now on Advanced sale.....damn you MLP and MT for making covers that I want to buy......

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #4 Midtown Exclusive Tony Fleecs Crystal Ponies Part 1 Variant Cover - Midtown Comics
Man these aren't even available for discount anymore with the pre-order!! But I like the covers on the MT variants so I'll probably get them. LOL

On a side note...on my last MT order I noticed a coupon for 30% all incentive covers and Midtown exclusives (excluding new release) for orders placed between 1/16-1/22. I wonder if this will apply to the first issue variants. The codeword just in case anybody wants it is "INCENTIVE".
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