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Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
love this collection. Can't wait to see updates.

What are the stats on your pc (# of 1/1's, autos, total, etc)? Would love to see how much stuff you have

I don't know my stats, partly due I don't agree with the list everyone uses (Beckett) on what is a card, and what isn't a card, and completely do not understand how some things, never put in the packs, can be listed. Stats, super collector recognition and the like, isn't very important to me. I have around 110 1/1's, 50+ autographs and 7 shoeboxes (1600 ct.), but note i have multiples of many GU, low numbered and the like, so I really don't know.

I am glad you don't collect Tony Gonzalez though...that is one impressive Murray collection.
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