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Default 2008 Donruss Americana II 6 Box Case Break

Picked this up with 20% instant Bing cash back, Ebay bucks, 5% Chase cash back. In other words on the cheap.

Here are the hits:

Gina "Conviction" Carano Ring Kings Auto 398/492
Stephan "American Psycho" Bonnar Ring King Auto/Mem 343/500
Dan "Hendo" Henderson Ring Kings Auto 55/200
Bas "El Guapo" Rutten Ring Kings Auto17/450
Greg Evigan TV Stars Auto 55/100
Kathy Lee Gifford TV Stars Auto 49/50
Todd Bridges TV Stars Auto 82/100
Terry Moore Cinema Stars Directors Cut Auto Inscribed Mighty Joe Young 4/100
Tyrone Power Hollywood Legends Materials 69/100
Bud Abbott Hollywood Legends Materials 186/500
Johnny Weissmuller Hollywood Legends Materials /500 x 2
Marlon Brando/Montgomery Clift Co-Stars Materials 185/250
Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn Co-Stars Materials /250 x 2
Hedy Lamarr Hollywood Legends Materials 308/500
Gloria Stuart Americana Signature/Material 95/150
Audrey Hepburn Americana Materials Silver Poof 7/50
Jackie Chan Americana Materials 63/100
Jean Harlow Americana Materials 12/400
Danielle Harris Private Signings 241/290
Richard Anderson Private Signings 170/252
Eilenn Dietz Private Signings 104/125
Martina Nauratilova Signature/Materials 38/160
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Private Signings /60 (Redemption)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Private Signings /50 (Redemption)

Notable Parallels

Loretta Young Platinum Proof 2/25
James Cagney Platinum Proof 13/25

But his name is
James Cortellessa, retired air force, loving grandfather, father and husband,
and the best smartass around.
Sabrina Cortellessa

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