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Originally Posted by brado8236 View Post
^^^ This.

The patch is from a Pro Bowl jersey, but it's from an event worn Carter jersey. Just how would a Rookie, whose cards have been released during the season, have a "legit" Pro Bowl swatch in his cards otherwise? I doubt the card has been faked, but I seriously question the reasoning behind why this patch was used in the first place, and I DEFINITELY wouldn't pay a premium for it.
Guys, cmon. These types of cards come up all the time, and I doubt that they will ever stop.

I dont care if it was featured in Beckett, or if someone is vouching for a friend pulling it out of a pack. Bottom line is that they are all questionable. If its questionable, why waste your hard earned money on it unless you know its 100% real? That doesnt make sense to me. I may have mentioned that UD used a pro-bowl jersey at the premiere on my site, but that doesnt mean this card is real.
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