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Default 10,000 post contest

OK so I am creeping up on 10,000 posts.

Pick when I will make my 10,000th post and whoever is closest wins. Choose Date and Time.
Also post the Football and or Baseball team you collect!
No Editing your post and each member gets 1 guess!

Prize to be determined, but is usually a box of cards for the winner to split with me.

Open to all members, good, bad or indifferent. But please have the common sense to know that if you have an issue with me and I know this and you enter the contest you will be subject to ridicule.

Only rule is that if we hit a card worth more than $200 in the box it will be sold and the proceeds split 50/50.

PS if Imac, JonMead or some Boomo bum kisser starts or contributes to an epic thread the post could be today!

Also know that once these threads are deleted because some thin skinned vag reports the thread those posts go poof so once I see 10,000 I will screen cap it.

So guess away

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