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Originally Posted by jmscoggin View Post
I have been debating starting a thread about this seller. I preordered two cases of Sterling at a very good price and paid immediately. I contacted seller a couple of times before release date and had good communication each time. This is where the problems started. From the 19th (day of Sterling release) until 1/10 I got a string of excuses and no cards and no tracking. Everything from during this period due to weather and holidays there were only five possible shipping days (refused to answer why none of those 5 days were used) to my son is in the hospital. The fact that there were only five possible days was a lie in itself as I ordered a ton of things during that window and received them too. Seller also refused to answer direct questions.

I had no idea that there was only a 60 day window for negative feedback but the seller sure did. Told me my items would definately go out on day X. When that day came and no tracking, I tried to leave negative feedback and contact Ebay. I was told to pack sand as I was outside my protection window and feedback window. Seller also now started being belligerant knowing full well that Ebay would not help.

I contacted Paypal and they saw my extensive history through them with no issues. Even though I was outside of my protection window, based on my good history and the fact that seller never gave tracking they ruled in my favor.

Bottom line is that I got my money back but I did not want the money, I wanted my cases. I passed over other good deals to lock in with this seller and now the ship has sailed.

I normally would not preorder this large of an item with a seller unknown to me but their feedback was perfect which I now know how they keep it this way, by stalling to the point where negative feedback can't be left. I have learned a lot through this episode.
My jaw literally dropped reading this. Like I mentioned above, I've been buying from her since May 2012. I was so impressed with the shipping, packaging, and price that I never left! Never had a reason to worry until now But JUST IN CASE, I've never pre-ordered more than 3 weeks prior to a products release.
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