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Originally Posted by Davesportscards View Post
I always make sure my pre-orders are within the 45 day range. I never pre-order an item more than 3 weeks earlier than the release date. I pre-ordered it on Jan 11th. That's the weird thing, she has sold TONS of cases and boxes, always pre-order, and never had an issue. I buy most of my boxes from ebay, ordered a box from her for the first time in May 2012 and I never left so to say. Heck, she even put up a listing for a pre-order of 2012 Bowman Chrome specifically for me after I asked her if she would be selling loose boxes because she was only listing cases of it at the time. Should I message her?
I am more than happy to forward/post the Ebay messages if you like. I am still furious about losing my cases and almost my money. Not sure why she would go from being a solid Ebayer to not but stranger things have happened.
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