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Originally Posted by allstarauction View Post
So it has been almost a month and no replacement. I was told I would have something in 2-3 weeks.

Called this morning and they were not able to find my request in the system (AKA, they never put it through). So I can expect to have a replacement in 2-3 more weeks... So a big thanks to Julianne for allowing me to waste 30 minutes of my time (on hold) and then not even processing the request.

Also asked about the Bowman's Best replacements for Draft and they keep saying nothing has been decided.
I called in a couple of replacements a couple of weeks ago and have heard nothing. Called back today and found out they were never put through (yay Topps). Put them through again and added my Rendon Platinum and Platinum Gold. Was very leery of doing this as Rendon is rising but I hate Platinum so hoping they send me Rendon Chromes. I guess we'll see. Also still waiting on missing hits from months ago.

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