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Draft Rules:

Because there are 311 spots, we need to implement a few rules to move the draft along.

3. For the first 211 picks, you get 30 minutes from the time the previous pick was made. If you miss your clock (and have not sent a list), you are on automatic auto-pick until you check-in. We have all been held captive by guys who are AWOL - so this will help with that.

3a. For the last 100 picks, you will only have 15 minutes to pick. The reason is that many people "check out" on the less desirable spots. They allow the clock to run, waste everyone's time, and just take the default pick. The best thing to do is to give me permission to auto draft for you OR send a small list once we get down to the last 100 spots.
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Going to eat some lunch. Ill be back shortly to update the OP and get this going. We can finish it off today.

Remember after pick 211 timer goes to 15 mins. So almost there.
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OFFICIAL CLOCK IS NOW ONLY 15 MINS for the rest of the draft

Sorry bud,

I cant stress lists enough if there is any question may be able to not make it.
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