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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
Your teeth will be rotted out before you finish 100 boxes.

Do you have to front the cash for the 250 boxes?

From what I can tell it has become extremely competitive in selling the cookies. Last Spring there must have been a dozen different set ups in my town in about a mile stretch.
As far as I know, nope on the fronting of cash. I would not do that ever. I would sooner pull my kid out of the GS than do that. What's funny is that the number was pulled out of thin air without consulting any parents as far as I know. A reasonable number to me would be 50 boxes or so. 250 just seems like way too much, especially since she just finished hustling (just had to use that word ) everybody she could a couple months back to help raise money for her school and she was the top salesgirl in her school and only sold about 45 or so items.
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