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Originally Posted by CardCollector View Post
Free Admission too? I might have to drive down to this shoe, seems like it will be good. Usually a lot of people there that have newer stuff ? Thanks for the info!
It is inside a mall so there is free admission (spouse or girlfriend can shop while you look at cards...smaller mall but still has some nice shops). This is usually the better of the two shows (they also have a Fall show). The free auto is usually worth the trip (they sell 8x10 of the player for usually $5 or $6 bucks you can get signed.) and SC Collectibles usually stocks up their boxes and have decent prices on them for the show.

There is usally a good mix of Vintage and new singles at the show. I can give you more info closer to the show and how many tables will be set up (i will be setting up and will have two tables).

If you need more info, let me know.
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