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Originally Posted by sdoug76 View Post
250!!!! Damn, what a racket!

How many girls in her troop? How much is a box?
Her troops goal is 8250 boxes. So at 250 boxes a kid, that is 33 kids. Boxes now go for $4 a box. I remember when I was a kid, they were $1.50ish each. Oh the times have a changed for sure. I agree it is quite the racket, but at the same time they are also going to give some of the profits (not sure how much) to a local children's hospital (Miller's Children's Hospital), a local homeless shelter, and a local animal shelter, so at least something good will come from some of the profits.

To everyone who is offering to buy some cookies, I appreciate it and will hit you up with PMs either tomorrow or Friday

Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
Do they have an online selling site going? For cub scouts my son could sign up for this and sell them online. He didn't even have to ship them, it was all taken care of by the popcorn company. I'd be suprised if they didn't have this yet for girl scouts. Sign your daughter up if you can. Looks like your have several customers here already.
I will definitely be looking into that. She might not need a little red wagon to haul those suckers around after all.
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