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Originally Posted by Ooosh View Post
Link #1 'Anecdotal'
Link #2 VAERS is a self-reporting database (from the submission form: "Please report all significant adverse events that occur after vaccination of adults and children, even if you are not sure whether the vaccine caused the adverse event.")

Either way, of course be careful with what you decide to put into your body but I just wanted to point out you can find 100 links for and against the flu shot. Both include misinformation, unfortunately, never know what is true and what is false these days. Here is a study, I haven't checked the credentials of BMJ but do know it is a open-access peer-reviewed medical journal.
Certainly it is all subjective. One can do simple research. The levels of Mercury in the drug were toxic to a fetus. Ever wonder why when you get the Flu Shot there is very little paperwork? The CDC prefers you do not see the warnings on miscarriages in lab testing within the first 2 trimesters of pregnant women.

Its unfortunate that many hospital workers are now forced to receive their flu shot or they are fired. Are hospital workers not allowed to choose what is injected into their body? There are now many lawsuits being started by medical workers against employers for this very reason. While Im not one for hopping onto a lawsuit I certainly can see why people are frustrated.
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