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Originally Posted by Trueduckfan View Post
Nope, I dont trust that stuff anymore espeacially if the government has there hands in it now. What was that shot multiple people got back east for one ailment and it ended up killing a bunch due to being contaminated with "menengitis" !!

No thanks!
It is amazing how many people blindly trust the CDC in this country. They do not realize the relationships between government and pharmaceutical companies. Alot of money in those relationships folks..

MIT scientists two months ago studied CDCs own data and found 4200% more miscarriages after the H1N1 flu shot (42x) than ever reported(CDC cover up). This is consistent with another study that indicated an additional 2000 or so miscarriages above what would be expected were experienced with the same flu shot. Flu shots are not nearly as effective as the 60% we are being led to believe. See Pregancy, Flu Shots and Autism at Journal of Natural Food and Health | Raw Milk, Fluoride, Vaccines and More . . .
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