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Originally Posted by cking View Post
I am actually glad you did this. I dont know what everyone elses motivation is here but as for me I hope something comes of this.I know it wont but you never know. I am more curious as too how quick it gets pulled down once Boyd pms the admins about it. And if it makes you feel any better I get attacked all the time for speaking the 100% dead honest truth about what goes on in this forum. Diffrence is you seem to care. I however do not.
Well as long as people don't go off the deep end there should be no reason to delete.

Jeremy made an informative post. Now he implies than Bigboyd is doing something wrong but does not come out and say it himself. Saying he researched and provided Ebay with info other people have come up with.
(But then has to insert himself into the title to feed his narcissism and ego)

He fancies himself as a white knight. A less creepy cardcop.
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