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Originally Posted by ssbledsoe View Post
The problem with many people claiming to get sick from their flu shots is that they're idiots. All the people that are getting their flu shots now or during the peak flu season are getting exposed before your body has the time (4 weeks) to build the appropriate antibodies. They in turn get sick because they were exposed before the shot works. You don't become magically immune to the flu the second you recieve the shot...
Those saying the shot only protects against 1 strain are also wrong. There are 3 strains it protects against: A, B and H1N1. But hey, keep spreading misinformation and anecdotes about mercury and ineffectiveness. When you're at home missing work or school I'll be feeling fine and dandy!
Everything you said is true. I've gotten the flu shot every year for at
least 20 years. I've never gotten the flu during that time. I'm also exposed
to the flu as much as any person. People come to see me when they are ill
and I've written for 100s of prescriptions for tamiflu. (I'm a physician).

Frankly, it would be in my financial best interest to not recommend the flu
shot. When any of my patients ask if they should get it, I tell them they
should, especially this year.
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