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Default If any member wants a free link on my personal site...

PM me if you have a website that you'd like me to add to my list at VinnyH - Home.

It's my personal site that connects to a few of my main sites. I have a category for sports collectibles setup with Blowout and a few other links already.

It should go without saying but... I won't post any conflicting or inappropriate sites on my site. We have a good bunch here so I'm figuring you may have a blog or website that has to do with your collecting or pack breaking habit.

Best to All,
PS: it helps everyone to have as many links for search engines to find us. I don't need a reciprocal link unless it works for you.
I may not be the oldest member here but I paid $8. an auto and shook Joe DiMaggio's hand at the Armenian Church in NYC once. I do not use "gift". If you need an extra buck, add it in.
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