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For a street fair? I wouldn't any invest any money for a street fair - that's just my opinion. I don't think your return would justify the overhead you would supply. Now, if you are doing show's and these type of set-ups a lot - then maybe. But I see so many people sitting on old packs when I go to stuff like this.

If your target is young kids, say 5-12 - I would stay away from Magic and focus more on Pokemon and Yugioh (and more recent stuff (but it's not cheap).

If you are able to get toys at cost, I would look into getting some Blind Bags Displays: Lego Mini Figures, Star Wars Angry Birds, My Little Pony, Kre-O Transformers, Star Wars Fighter Pods Battle Figures, Littlest Pet Shop, Heroclix etc. I tripled my money on Ebay with the Star Wars Angry Birds (after fees). So they are great to have and cheaper than packs.
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