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Originally Posted by jauncer View Post
More realistic numbers:

2 sets 1-300 x $75 each = $150
24 autos x $15 (avg) each = $360
12 Red Die Cuts x $10 each = $120
36 Prizms x $4 each = $144

$774 return, less after fees. (and this might still be above average)

Obviously a big auto or Prizm can move this up but this is probably more of whats expected. I mean the football boxes will have an additional Prizm Refractor plus the Red Prizm and 3 ADDITIONAL inserts. I can NOT see how prices will be comparable to basketball. Especially going into the off season.
Still to high, no way that the average sale of a die cut is gonna be $10 and average auto sale is $15...thats laughable! I bet the average return is like $450-$500
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