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Originally Posted by rmw10 View Post
Panini would be stupid not to compete with Topps though. There's no reason for Panini to just surrender when there's something similar on the market from a competitor. It may bomb, but it doesn't matter to them. They have 18 other products that they're selling throughout the season. If it goes over well, they have a new product that they'll continue to produce.
I wasn't trying to say it wouldn't be a decent product. I just don't see it being as hot as basketball was. There was a giant hole in the basketball products that needed a chrome product. There is already a chrome spot filled in football, so adding a 2nd won't create the same buzz as it would in basketball.

What works in 1 sport doesn't always work in another sport. An example would be fleer retro basketball vs football. The demand for high end 90s inserts in basketball is much higher than the demand in football. So I'd expect retro football to sell nowhere close to what basketball sold for.
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