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Originally Posted by migraine View Post
please don't die!!!!!!!!
Dont worry, I wont. Someone has to be there to hold you right?

Originally Posted by DoubleD View Post
Seriously have you been just dropped off by Aliens? Never ate at Wendy's? Wow!
Honestly it used to be a lot better but they changed the Big Bacon Classic bun, it still is good but not as good as before. Go give it a try, you will not be dis-appointed.
Well I do think im an alien sometimes. Ive heard from one of my friends that it is pretty good.

Originally Posted by bmlocal175 View Post
When I was working in NYC for 3 months, I pretty much ate it EVERY day. If not before work, I ate it at night before the drive thru closed at 2am when I got out of work.

Chicken nuggets are better than Mcdonalds in my opinion and love the BBQ sauce. The Asiago chicken sandwich is pretty good and always loved the double w/cheese burger. Chili is pretty good.

Can't go wrong w/ the JBC(JR. Bacon Cheeseburger)
I even liked the baked potato with bacon and cheese.

I weighed the most I ever did in my 42 yrs of life after that job. Back down to normal now though.
Wow. Seems like I better try it then
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