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Originally Posted by paloose View Post
It is more like a street faire. Lots of families. All ages. I have plenty of sports items but want diversification. The core set for 2013 of Magic,is that amust have? Sells well? Boosters best way to go? Does Yugioh come that way too. Packs?
I feel like a street faire would have more younger kids, therefore Yugioh and Pokemon may be the way to go. I'm not too familiar with either, but I think they have intro packs in addition to booster packs. I'm not sure what kind of turnout and success you get with your sports items, so it's hard to say what kind of items people want. I just find it hard to see kids or teens looking for packs at a street fair.

In my experience from hanging out at Card/Comic shops when I used to play MTG, a majority of the experienced players (in any of those three games) preferred singles, because most people knew exactly what cards they needed/wanted. It seems like packs are harder to sell; TCG/CCG players usually get boxes when sets come out and then go to singles after that. Packs are used more as prizes.

That being said, maybe pick up a box of the newest sets for Pokemon (Boundaries Crossed?) and Yugioh (Abyss Rising?). And as others have suggested, some of the hot toys may be better at getting your money's worth.
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