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Here's an early artist sketch count. These may adjust a bit as artists are able to complete more sketches, etc. No exact numbers as most of the artists are working on many different sets currently, so we'll wait until all sketches are returned. I'll add this to the first post as well.

Limited (15-25 sketches)

Bob Adauto
Lynne Anderson
Mikey Babinski
Francois Chartier
Ted Dastick Jr.
Jenn DePaola
Pablo Diaz
Mark Dos Santos
Autumn Frederickson
Daniel Gorman
Chadwick Haverland
Chris Henderson
Gavin Hunt
Gary Kezele
Chris Manuel
Tim Proctor
Kristina Sepulveda
Eric Spohn
Stephanie Swanger
Mike Vasquez
George Vega
Joshua Werner

Very Limited (less than 15 sketches)

Charles Hall
Ingrid Hardy
Laura Inglis
Leah Mangue
Rhiannon Owens
Tim Shay
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